Now that those in a committed relationship have collapsed into a self-satisfied diabetic coma, it’s time for the cock to flee the roost. Today is National Side-Chick Day.

The idea of celebrating the bit on the side first arose on February 15th 2011 when Hip-Hop artist, Vincent VegaGenesis, posted a ‘Shout out to all the side-chicks. Today is all about you.” While some were disgusted at the thought, yet more added fuel to their fear, with one poster proudly proclaiming; “U know how sometimes leftovers taste better…”

Here’s five tracks for the side-chicks ‘getting theirs’ this evening.

All I Want is a Fighting Chance

Millie Jackson


Millie had the whole conversation across her two concept albums Still/Caught Up, where she sang as the wife… and her ‘wife in law’.

From His Woman To You

Barbara Mason


Mason made waves with this type of track (with titles like I Am Your Woman, She is Your Wife). This response to Shirley Brown’s Woman to Woman is the best.

The Other Woman

Nina Simone


(Nina Simone/youtube)

When the night is over, and you’re home alone, heed these words from Nina…


Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The Beach Boys

…although, he may be yearning for you too! Brian Wilson allegedly was, in this fantasy about shacking up with his mistress-cum-sister-in-law.



When the crept on do some creeping themselves.