Begorrah at Smock Alley

September 30, 2014

Most comedy acts are lucky if their show contains one uproarious laugh that unites the whole audience. This Irish troika are good for one per sketch, in a fifty-minute performance that’s greased with charm.

True, the well they tap has been regularly mined before, but with timing-tight like a tiger, and a knack for ending a sketch before it drags, Foil, Arms and Hog prove that there’s plenty of laughs to be had at the expense of bigoted Christian folk groups, a compilation of punned-upon pop song titles and a stock bogger family struggling with a child’s lifestyle choices.

They’re best when they inject their ‘you could bring him home to mammy’ charisma with a surrealist bent, such as their showdown at a mime class or the eulogy of a stand-up comedians mother. While the opening and closing numbers- though good for revving the audience up, lack the darker undertones and observational humour felt elsewhere. Their confidence and concentration means they’ve no problems winning an audience over. But it’s when they’re a little less comfortable with us, like a Deer Hunter sketch, that the show truly pops.


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