Twisted Cabaret

December 13, 2013

The London Burlesque Festival(L.B.F.) is going back to basics. Having started life as a ‘long weekend’ in 2007, it rebranded itself The London Burlesque Week in 2009 to accommodate its expanding line up… and life span(six days). Last year, in honor of the Olympics, it adapted the London Burlesque Games as a moniker running as a competitive event for the first time. Now lasting ten days, and with it’s original name restored, it’s continuing on its mission to prove there is more to burlesque then boobs and boas.
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You can huff and puff about the usual gimmicks the Gate Theatre tart their productions up with. Like a frumpy girl who’s found a frock that flatters, they rethread the same old formula rather than messing with what’s worked form them in the past. But what good will moaning do you? Their faithful audience will step over your stiffening corpse to get at the familiar action.
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