Briefs: The Second Coming at Vicar Street

November 4, 2013

Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face… and a tear to your leg, Briefs: The Second Coming is the ‘all male, all vaudeville, all trash’ show that opened the Dublin Fringe Festival last night.

A salty burlesque show featuring preposterously plumed drag queens strutting like demonic school girls – all off their beautiful, painted faces from a teenage boy’s dose of testosterone, it’s lock jaw lewd but beautifully crafted, where your mouth opens, then drops to the floor at the fabulous, flirty, filth that spins above, grinds before and sashays around you.

From a Best in Show which lampoons the preening narcissism of the owners (with nauseating results) to a perverted striptease – involving a geeky school boy, a rubix cube and self-satisfaction so great it generates more pleasure than the performers naked body, this off-kilter boylesque troupe are not just beautiful to look at, they are amazing to watch.

Draped in Dallas Dellaforce’s lushly ludicrous outfits – or when taking them off, sex is in everything they do, but it’s their charisma and style that excites most. The circus skills displayed – hooping, juggling, aerial, trapeze – are wowing, Fez Faanana’s stand up has a potent twinge that claws at the camp and Dellaforce’s ethereal lip-synching manages to convey the power of the tune on the performer. She doesn’t just mouth the words; she becomes possessed by the music, her manic faces and wired gesticulation an electric reaction to the fusion of the two.

There’s an element of anarchy slithered on the polish that keeps this show grounded but if you were ever planning on running away to join the circus, Briefs are the crew to pack your trunk for.


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