Singlehood at the P.A.C

October 28, 2013

Una McKevitt doesn’t attempt to define ‘the single life’ in her new documentary show Singlehood, where eight people – including a DJ, an actress, a comic and a PR exec, tell us about their life in pursuit of, retreat from and total denial of wanting a plus one. Their charming and often funny recollections of life on their lonesome are spliced, sometimes confusingly, with their re-enactment of the testimony McKevitt has compiled from over 50 interviews and lightened with comic compositions performed live by the cast and The Guilty Folk (an acoustic pop duo who do a great side in saucy songs). It’s warm, witty and involving.

But its effects are fleeting. From a terrific cast McKevitt unearths areas crying out for deeper exploration. Conor Behan’s confession that he has never been in a relationship because he has never met someone he has been that bothered with. Susan Cahill’s big group of lesbian friends whose behaviour shaped and solidified her existence as a single person. People who are well into middle age that have yet to find ‘The One’. These are just some of the topics that struck a chord, but like a conversation with too many voices, the more curious findings take a back seat to the more commonly acknowledged and easier to enjoy elements of the show.

Singlehood is an agreeable night’s theatre. The stories traded are funny, honest and, going on the opening night audience’s reactions, mortifyingly recognisable. With a longer playing time it will hopefully open up and indulge in more than flighty bar room banter.


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