Manhattan Whispers/ Mission at the Theatre Upstairs

October 28, 2013

Shibari, Garry Duggan’s debut play for Ireland’s National Theatre, explored, amongst many other things, the experience of the non-national living in Ireland today. This double bill of his earlier work, which ran concurrently at Theatre Upstairs, 2001’s Manhattan Whispers and 2008’s Mission, explores dislocation in the city of New York, be it the Irish experience as seen through the eyes of three unnamed characters in Manhattan Whispers or, as in Mission, that of a first-generation native New Yorker. Pride, ignorance and a troubled search for one’s self are core themes to the plays showing on and off Abbey Street. But it is here that Duggan’s voice feels most free to paint the paranoia and instability of a people in disarray.

Originally Published in the Irish Theatre Magazine


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