Heroin(e) for Breakfast at Smock Alley

October 28, 2013

One was thrown for a loop upon entering the Smock Alley Studio, where Pillowtalk Theatre Company recently mounted their version of Philip Stokes’ Heroin(e) for Breakfast as part of the ’10 Days in Dublin’ festival. With a radio recording of the Queen’s English protruding from the pounding score like a knackered shin bone, the sense of unease was compounded by a confusing seating layout and house lights which were turned down low. As a swing standard about not letting life get you down (‘That’s Life’) kicked in, a couple burst onto the stage commencing a vigorous bout of copulation that has nothing to do with love. As they stripped, flipped and grinded against one another, beneath a Union Jack, the implication was clear. This is life in modern day Britain: ugly, unabashed and unfeeling.

First Published in Irish Theatre Magazine on the 6th of July


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