They’re coming to get you Barbara

October 23, 2013

Iconic zombie flick, The Night of the Living Dead, is being brought to life in Kilkenny later this week by The Devious Theatre Company. Transported to an Irish setting- specifically a ghost estate, it uses the same structure of the movie, where a group of strangers end up fleeing to a house after a bunch of zombies try to eat their brains. “It’s basically the Lonesome West, with people in a house fighting amongst themselves. There just happens to be ghouls outside,” says writer/director John Morton. “But it’s a Trojan horse. We’re using it to address issues in society, like the sacrifice of a younger generation for the mistakes of an older one.”

It’s a nice counter to their 2010 remake of The War of the Worlds, which looked at the beginning of the recession. “Back then their was an atmosphere of impeding fear. Now things have gotten so much worse than we could have ever imagined. So combined they are a nice evolution of the age we’re in.”

The role played by social media in the Occupy movement was a huge influence on the play. ” It’s a Twitter play. In the original movie there was a lot of sitting around, listening to the radio. But we were more interested in showing them track events on their smart phones. Trying to get signal or charge their battery.”

“The hashtag for the play is #livingdead which is also the hashtag for the crisis within the play, so we can get people to contribute to the world online throughout the week creating a more interactive and immersive aspect to the production.”

With an original ambient, electronic score by REPLETE and full on Zombie make up, the show is gearing up to be one of the summers most entertaining. But while it’s very funny, Morton is keen to point out it’s not a comedy. “Cause the original can be considered hokey, people are expecting something light. But It is most definitely a horror and played as such. Fans of the original will respect it.”

Originally published in the Sunday Independent in July 2012


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