Philying the Void

October 23, 2013

It would appear Philip McMahon is everywhere these days. Having just judged the last ever Alternative Miss Ireland on Sunday and with his musical Alice in Funderland previewing at the Abbey next week, Director Tracy Martin is doing her bit to spread the contagion by reviving the playwright’s 2004 Spirit of the Fringe winning play, Danny & Chantelle, Still Here. Set against the fall of the Ballymun Towers it’s a funny, moving look at Dublin nightlife and the characters that inhabit it. A tale made bittersweet by the fact that the clubs it celebrates have been dropping like flies of late.

“Practically all the clubs mentioned in the piece are gone now” says Martin who felt the recession’s scythe-like touch when her first choice of venue, The Good Bits, joined the unfortunate club. “I hadn’t intended on putting on a play that was about Dublin’s surmise. But it is so poignant.”

Radiomade, a dance music collective, will provide the tunes, during and after the show, a mixture of current and period dance music which Martin hopes will capture the excitement of the era.

“I always wondered why proper theatres don’t encourage us more to stay there and spend our money. Collaboration like that has to happen if both theatre and nightlife are to survive.”


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