Meet the cast that’s been culled from a teddy-bear graveyard

October 23, 2013

IRISH PEOPLE HAVE a particular affection for puppets. although the British have Basil Brush and Americans have Big Bird, it’s unlikely those people would try to vote for them in an election, as the Irish have done for Dustin. We drag the puppets of our childhood into adulthood, giving them as much credence now as we did then.

Artists working in theatre need their audiences to put the Tinker Bell theory into practice; to suspend disbelief, particularly if the puppeteers are in full view. “When people come into the room they want to get involved,” says Aaron Heffernan, the puppetmaster on Monster/Clock, a fantasy fable play. “An audience can identify with a piece of wood having life if everyone believes.”

Full Article Irish Times November 2nd 2012


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