Crossing A Painful Divide

October 23, 2013

SUSAN Woods had picked her spot. Sat behind the wheel of her BMW the father of two had found the perfect place to end her life. Conscious of the fact she had been trapped in a man’s body since the age of four she had no more fight left in her. If she didn’t transition she’d die.

But, taking her car to 120mph, her mind was filled with the possible consequences of that decision. “I was facing the loss of my wife, my family, my earning ability. My place in society, ” she says. “My identity, as every one knew it, was about to change.” Feeling like she’d failed as a man — and not knowing if her kids could cope with a transgendered father — she planned to speed into an exposed bridge pillar off the Ashford Bypass.

“I simply couldn’t see how I could solve all the problems I faced.” But when the moment came to turn right and end it all, she drove on. “I’d love to say I’d had a change of heart. But I just couldn’t turn the wheel.”

Full Article, January 18th 2013


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