Art Need No Longer Be A Drag

October 23, 2013

Art Clash

They say the best thing for a case of nerves is a case of Scotch. I settled for hot buttered rums prior to my first foray in ‘drag’. I didn’t dress in women’s clothing for burlesque performer Lucy Rhinehart’s class. I did something scarier. I painted a self-portrait of whom I’d like to be in drag and showed the results to a class.

Ever since a former teacher had criticised my portrait of Mary Robinson because her curls were bigger than her eyeballs, I’d been scared of picking up a pencil.

Aine Macken’s evening courses fuse night class with nightlife. Art Clash runs every Friday at different, often secret, locations in Dublin, costing €15 per class for people who long ago gave up art.

“I’ve been working as an artist for ten years and, on many a night out, one friend or another would get pissed and confess to me their desire to be artistic. They just didn’t have the confidence,” she says. Isolated by the perceived impenetrability of the art world and uninspired by art in school, many people, this writer included, resigned to never being artistic again.

“People have an idea of what an evening art class should be. ‘You have to have an engagement with art.’ ‘You want to improve your skill.’ It’s all very formal. For me, in the ten years that I have been working, it has never been about how good the final product is. It’s been about the experience of creating something and how enjoyable that can be. I want to pass on the joy that artists get when they create. It’s not about being the best, or even being good. I just want people to make stuff,” Macken said.

Full Article from Irish Examiner November 21, 2012


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