Skyfall Review

November 2, 2012

At the end of their first meeting in this new incarnation of Bond, Ben Whishaw’s Q turns to Daniel Craig’s 007 and asks; “Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t go in for that anymore.” Which tells you quite a lot about this leg of the spy series which celebrates its half-century with new film Skyfall. The gadgets are subtler; the story draws on real life concerns, while the ladies are more than playthings, clothed (for the most part).In fact the only boobs I saw were in the audience chortling with discomfort at the homoerotic subtext of Javier Bardem’s terrific villain, Silva.

That being said Sam Mendes’ intriguing debut as an action director gets rather entangled in its desire to sate so many tastes. So not only is it not a traditional Bond flick, it is not a wholly new creation either, making fudged reference to the series’ lineage andĀ half hearted stabs at the coy interplay between Bond, the babes and the bad asses.

It’s an intelligent and enjoyable addition to the cannon that proves that its producers are at least trying to keep it relevant to these grim times without throwing out what made it so special in the first place.
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The problem with The Dark Knight Rises is not that it’s a bad movie, nor is it a lazy one. Rather it is overly ambitious, which in trying to tick so many boxes at once, confuses itself, and us. So instead of fusing a crime drama with a comic book caper it tries to be both concurrently, with overlaps that jar uncomfortably. At almost three hours in length it is a literal pain in the arse.

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