Lady Gaga : Born This Way

January 12, 2012

Lock up your closets. The Gaga conglomerate is on the move and it won’t stop until it has milked every last penny out of the pink cash cow. It’s not half as woeful as the appalling lead singles, Born This Way and Judas, would have had you believe but there is nothing on here that justifies her recent crowning as Queen of Pop by Rolling Stone.

The originality she strives for in her titillating aesthete is sadly lacking in her sophomore album which doesn’t contain a single track that can compete with her catchy as all hell previous efforts; Telephone, Bad Romance or Poker Face. I’m sure Hair, Highway Unicorn and Bad Kids will have some kitsch appeal when performed live and accompanied by a visual gimmick. But standing alone they’re overpowered by the buzz guitars, “club” beats and soulless vocals that are this albums trade mark.

Worse yet is when she straps herself to a crucifix and self flagellates for all her ‘little monsters.’ Her trite and tired attacks on religion, her overly simplistic message of acceptance- that never really tackles the challenges that arise from being different, expose her as a false prophet and are utterly joyless.

Nearly every track here has something positive of note about it, but she drowns it out with her awful lyrics and a cacophony of hi-jacked sounds. When she drops the agenda and has the craic-as on the tongue in cheek Government Hooker, cock rock balladry of You and I and house indebted Scheise you see what could have been.

But the playful lyricism that defined her early work, the kooky kink that made it such a guilty pleasure, has been passed over for forced fun and  painful promulgating of her transparent message of acceptance.  As a whole she is to busy name checking and patronizing the marginalized to say anything of note to them.


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