Durang Durang

January 12, 2012

Durang Durang, a series of short, sassy, screwball comedies by the titular playwright (first name Christopher) recently ran at the Pearse Centre. The debut production from Camille Ross’ production company Brazen Tales and co-staring Donnacha O Dea (last seen between those four walls in Doug Wright’s one man show I Am My Own Wife) the show was a triumph almost wholly due to these two emerging performers.

Featuring dried up southern belles, psychopathic house wives, mentally challenged detectives and sex mad nurses as well as bitter scribes, repressed (and not so repressed) homosexuals plus unknowingly infuriating funeral guests, it satirised American theatrical standards that have bled into everyday entertainment. Each scene was prefaced by its title, waved about by members of the cast with great gusto and greater smiles as if they were bikini clad babes at the interval of a boxing match.

While none of the scenes were in anyway naturalistic director Ronan Phelan managed to reign in the performances so that they rarely went so over the top that they became knowingly demented and hence not credible. Ross and O’Dea threw themselves into their respective roles in a way that made them undistinguishable from each other while also carrying hints of the real life characters you just know Durang based them on, pulling a solid show up to being a side splitting one. Special mention must also go to Anne Gill, who played admirably in two parts she was too young for before almost (but not quite) stealing the show with a brilliant Medea parody.


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