CIRCA@ The Gaiety Theatre

October 7, 2010

Come worship the body beautiful at the Gaiety Theatre. Not only as an object of fornication but as an instrument through which greatness can be achieved; a machine capable of wondrous acts and as something to be admired for its form.

7 performers execute dazzling stunts informed by the art of circusry and dance, pushing their bodies to such limits that it makes you wonder if there are any limits. As a lithe male acrobat tip toes down the arm of a female performer before standing on her head, their absolute concentration, the tension and fear in their eyes, has us at the edge of our seats, mouths agog, wondering what the hell can top what we have just seen.

But top they do, over and over. Whether its the boy who swings his female partner around his neck like a boa or the girl who performs an Essex massage on her victim (tottering up and down his body in ruby red spikes) there is no breath left to oooooh and aaaaah, so assuredly has it been sucked from out of our bodies. As they jump over their own heads, toss each other about like footballs, wrap themselves in knots and achieve astonishing feats with hoops, trapeze and deflated balloons we are given a thorough schooling in what can be achieved by concentration, co-ordination and practice, practice, practice.

To a score that incorporates the music of Radiohead, Leonard Cohen and Aphex Twin they flex their muscles, stretch their tendons, uncoil their limbs and make the impossible possible. Their bodies take on their own personalities, the separate parts having their own characteristics, bringing about gales of laughter with the smallest physical jerks.

Let us hope that those that work in theatre here don’t just let this fantastic nights entertainment remain such. Let them be inspired to utilise the body as an instrument to tell a tale. To create worlds and surroundings, not just an expulsion unit for stale air. Standing ovations are two a penny in this town but not since Riverdance in 1994 have I seen a crowd ascend from their seats so fast and so appropriately. Sensational.


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