Be My Love In The Rain Review

July 11, 2010

Paul Kennedy is an emerging Irish playwright who fills me with hope and while I can’t say that his new piece, Be My Love In The Rain (which ran all last week at the Powerscourt Shopping Centre) had me running to stop the presses it contained some nice, structured writing, which avoided pretentious gimmicks and flippancy.

The plot is a little inane. Girl meets guy, girl gets guy, guy leads girl down the criminal garden path. So far so Conor McPherson circa This Lime Tree Bower. But what he also shares with McPherson is a fabulous turn of phrase, a way with colloquialisms and ease when it comes to painting the picture. The first dates, first fights and first flushes of first love all come to life as our heroine Janet descends from your average working class Joe soap to a wannabe-gangster’s moll.

The segments that deal with the crime itself and Janet’s fear and guilt over it never ring as true as when she reflects on their happier early times, where actress Linda Teehan does well in jumping from the past to the present, from reflecting to actually experiencing, making it seem like she’s ingesting the words being spoken to her for the first time as she imparts them to us. She plays the scenes as written, never sacrificing anything for a laugh but what I would have liked her to do was relax a little, get a little more conversational with the audience and only become larger when establishing the separate characters she impersonates. But this could easily have been down to first night nerves.

It also felt like the piece needed another character on stage, perhaps some one to play Janet’s fella, Michael. Someone for Sheehan to bounce off and inject a little more life into the piece. And whilst his story is here well written and well told I can’t help but feel a little let down by the averagness of the issues it explores. Given how brilliant and insightful
his last play, Put out The Light, was I hope to see him gilding his way with
words over a more worth area of exploration in future.


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