Cirque Du Legume Review

June 13, 2010

I was always told not to play with my food as a child. A pity, since by the looks of Cirque Du Legume, the fabulous two person show which ran for the last fortnight at Bewley’s Cafe Theatre there is much fun to be had. I spoke earlier in the week about reliving the theatre experiences of my youth while watching the 39 Steps, where four actors used minimal props and costumes to bring to life 250 characters and a cinematic plot. Well here two clowns use nothing but a box of veggies, a chair and their wonderfully expressive faces to gift me with the most delightful 45 minutes theatre I have sat through this year.

I’m not going to ruin-or even try make sense- of what they do. It would be pointless. The whole thing is just superbly silly and worthy of virgin eyes. But I shall tick all the old boxes, putting extra weight behind my pen, as I actually shed tears of joy, felt my face ache with laughter and, at one point, nearly flew off my chair when I kicked the floor during a fit of the giggles. Its not what they do but how they do it and Jamie Carswell and Nancy Trotter are so dam likable, so endearing and so committed to their ludicrous notion it was all I could do from getting off of my chair and sitting before them  like an Indian( of the cowboy & variety) to be closer to the action.

They are both leCoq trained, an international school of theatre which emphasises body, movement and space which explains how they can make the simplest objects come alive and a largely adult audience chortle with childlike glee( that little laugh that makes some of us brood for babies and others tie knots in their tubes) and while i didn’t have to courage to get up of my feet myself I urge you to deliver the standing ovation these two performers and their director Pablo Ibarluzea richly deserve.


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