March 18, 2010


Scissor Sisters

There are no real surprises on the Scissor Sisters sophomore album Ta-Dah- except, perhaps, for how undeserved it is to be following in its predecessor’s footsteps. PG Queer for the overly insular, the Scissor Sisters have thrown their heart and soul out with the baby and kept a filthy tub of bathwater stained with their new “Were here, were queer, get used by us” message.

Their debut, for all its camp and glitter, cut its teeth with tales of Post Giuliani New York nightlife and the pitfalls it presented (Crystal Meth, AIDS, unemployed transsexual hookers). If Ta-Dah is to be believed, post fame the only think tormenting the Scissor Sisters is a hangover and too much of a good time.

From the Fag Haggery of “She’s my Man” to the Disney on crack of “Intermission” this album is a litany of poorly executed ideas. For a band whose inimitable yet retro songs burst into life in 2004 it’s tragic to see them now, like musical Necrophiliac’s, raping the dead careers of Donna Summer, Abba and The Nolan Sisters.

Ta-Dah’s failings are in its inability to move the Scissor Sisters on to the next stage of their musical development. Rather than draw inspiration from their heroes they dam well copy them leaving the album without the moments of genius, which saw them, overthrow Madonna as the Queens of pop.  In trying to recreate the camp magic that made their last album a classic they have missed the point entirely and catered to the Hen night rather than the Lot lizard in their head.

So while you may have thought that the Scissor Sisters would have been perfectly placed to recreate the disco fuelled anthems of yesteryear, they fall well short of their potential here delivering an album that sounds like they ate the Gibb brothers and ended up with the Bee Gee scutters!


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