After Midnight, Before Dawn @ The Smock Alley Studio

March 2, 2010

There are certainly worse ways to waste a tenner than popping along to see Silent Blade’s production of After Midnight,  Before Dawn which opened last night in the Smock Alley Studio and runs all week. First produced in 1978 this one-act play by David Campton runs to a painless forty minutes and examines how sharply life can be drawn into focus or blurred beyond all recognition when our end is nigh.

Condemned to die for ‘dancing at the altar of the devil and kissing his arse’ thecharacters gibber, panic, pray and delude themselves as they await execution. Only one keening lady seems unperturbed for “the devil looks after his own”. The cast move confidently around the space and make the stark yet evocative set come to life while the acute direction by first time helmer Keith Ward keeps the manicness of the piece in check, keeping the focus on the tale itself rather than on the means through which it is delivered. The impressive choreography is by Donnacha O’Dea.


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