Waiting For Ikea Review

February 25, 2010

Waiting For Ikea is one of those shows that refuses to die. First opening in 2007 at the Dublin Fringe Festival it’s been to Electric Picnic, Bewleys, Belfast and seems to be forever circling the M50 taking in the Axis, Draoicht, Mill and Civic Theatres. You can see why. Despite the shocking language it really is a show for all the family and co-writers/stars Georgina McKevitt and Jacinta Sheerin have the audience in stitches before they have even uttered a word with their comforting presentation of inner city Dublin life. Set in present day Pimlico it uses flash back and video footage to set up the relationship between life long buds Chrissie & Jade. The humor is often obvious but always natural and the vernacular of the two characters is so chock full of zingers you’ll need a repeat viewing to catch them all. Both women fully embody their characters, both physically and vocally and their comic timing is top class. There are one to many silences for my liking, such as when they address their neighbors,which could easily have been filled with a voice over and it drags a bit towards the end but this witty ascertation of community spirit contains some of the most unpretentious acting I’ve seen this year.


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