Victor & Gord: Reviewed

February 25, 2010

Inspired by the 08 Fringe show Susan & Darren from English production company Quarantine which examined an ongoing mother -son relationship, McEvitts show takes a snapshot of life long friends Victor(Victoria Curtis) & Gord ( Aine McKevitt) and bleeds it across the stage. Unfortunately it never really comes into focus with too much time wasted on basic drama school exercises ( “What I like about Victor/Gord is…), pointless musical interludes( Bohemian Rhapsody, Man in The Mirror) and painful, stilted silences between stories.

There is also a second story, that of Jason Breen,  thrown into the mix, with seriously violent undertones, that doesn’t gel at all with the central relationship between the two girls. He was balanced out with his own Victor & Gord like friendship in the shows previous incarnation who wasn’t available this time round. Why McEvitt didn’t look for another friendship to examine I don’t know but I really felt for Jay as he was often left hanging on the stage like a spare tit.

It poses many questions about the life these girls have spent together but never really tells us much about them. I get that they went through the usual trials and tribulations facing straight/gay friendships but I would really liked to see the two discuss and resolve their issues on the actual stage, rather than in the rehearsal room. It’s a bit like attending a funeral without the wake.

Vicki, Gord and Jason are likable characters and when they let the mask they unnervingly wear over their true natures slip you genuinely root for them. Viki in particular warms the cockles. But since the show barely opens the door on the true current nature of their friendship the whole thing feels like a weak handshake instead of the hug you were expecting.

Less direction and more spontaneity would have made this show come alive despite the rather run of the mill scenarios at its heart.


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