Partie Monster

January 31, 2010

There are those who would question the wisdom of paying homage to

Michael Alig and his club kids, a group famous for their outrageous

costumes and extensive drug use in early 90s Yonkers. A group as

fickle as they were anomalous, their behavior titillated and

terrified the city that never slept with their resourceful and

innovative approach to clubbing. Before Marylin Manson

they were  the go-too guys for television shock jocks who

wanted to prove that America was going to hell in a hand basket.

When Angel Melendez’s mutilated corpse was found floating in

the Hudson river, put their by Alig’s strung out hand, many thought

we just might be.

The closest Dublin has to Michael Alig is Brian Cowen and his

Parliamentary Party Monsters, so strung out on their own idiocy they

fail to recognise the quickest way out of this recession is through

the systematic destruction of our livers .Or to be less flippant

( and more honest) by removing the draconian licencing laws that

are scaring off our tourists and pissing on our nightlife, we might

be able, to quote a man greater than myself, “session through

the recession.”

Partie Monster, held in RiRa’s on the second Friday of every month,

offers an escape from the dreary surroundings of a social scene

struggling to survive. Dublin has been coasting on the exhausted fumes

of days gone by for long enough and while it is ironic that the most

refreshing night we’ve got was inspired by scenesters from the last

century it is not at all unwelcome.

Aimed at homos, hetros, boys and girls the only requirement is an open

and filthy mind.   Marquis D’Alton drops a scandalous mix of sleazy

electro and 80s synth pop to a packed and cracked dance floor. Moments

of united insanity are not at all uncommon so don’t be startled if the

entire dance floor drops to the ground and starts to gyrate before


Clubbing in Dublin has suffered in recent years from a failure on the

part of the promoters to distinguish their nights from the rest with

one mad out of it night coming down into another. Partie Monster, with

its outlandish dress, may have the unfair advantage but it certainly

doesn’t rest on its laurels. From the Pottie Monster cocktails (€5)

served in actual potties to the hand popped popcorn and Vodka jelly

shots, Mistress Mimi Rouge has spared no expense in insuring her night

is one you’ll remember once the Amyl Nitrate throbs off.

It’s a come as you feel night so if you feel like like strolling

through the doors basted in baby oil and little else then do just

that. Equally if you rock up in your everyday skinny jean glory you’ll

be as accepted. I was shocked by how many people actually went for it.

Gold onsies, hot pants and gimp masks were accoutered with illuminous

wigs, full body paint and every kind of tiara, boa, garter and

suspender invented. There are make up artists and hair dressers on

hand to spruce you up should you decide to come as four equal sides

and four equal angles and a variety of beauty pageants and photo

booths to show of your reinvented bootie.

From Fanci’s tee shirts to their whimsical fanzine their is no excuse

to leave the club empty handed. Even If your short on cash be the best

partie monster you can be and you may be gifted with what’s in Mimis

goody bag, a gaudy array of treasures salvaged from the nearest €2


Partie Monster

2nd Friday of every month, RiRa’s


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