M&S Restaraunt

January 31, 2010

The restaurant on the top floor of M&S has a lot going for it…just not its service or its food. I’ve come up here a few times to take advantage of their €12.50 meal deal (a choice of mains, dessert and a glass of wine). Sounds good, I hear you say. But often they’re out of so many dishes that I end up ordering something else, spending more and undoing its supposed value.

On my last visit, my companion and I were served some rather tasteless garlic king prawns (€9.99) and gammon steak with eggs and chips (€9.99), both dull and lifeless. My cola, ordered midway through the meal, arrived long after it, and the bill took so long to arrive that by the time we got it we looked about the same age as the rest of the restaurant’s blue-rinse clientele.

On the plus side, there are magnificent views from the terrace garden, down Grafton Street and all around the city centre. (For some unknown reason, you can’t smoke out there.) Back inside, the floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that the restaurant itself is brightly lit.

15-20 Grafton Street, Dublin 2. 679 7855, marksandspencer.com


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