I am of Ireland review

January 31, 2010

Initially staged at the Peacock Theatre in 1988 I Am Of Ireland has been revived by it’s originator Bosco Hogan almost annually since. This production is presented by The Focus Theatre and has been hacked down to meet the time restraints of the Bewley’s Cafe. As a result scenes jolt uncomfortably into one another guided jarringly by a recording(from the original production) of Graine Yeats playing the harp. A live soundtrack or a fresh approach might have made this bearable but as it is it is an irritant.

While there are many areas of interest in Yeat’s life this one man show fails to give any of them there due . Just as we get into one topic, the harp is plucked, Hogan alters his stance slightly and were off into another scene. The whole thing is a bit contrived.

Hogan’s habit of addressing the audience but not engaging them leaves us unconnected to the text, reducing it to polite, meaningless words and I can’t help wondering what exactly the point of this show was-aside from being a nice little side earner for the noted actor. Having played this part for in excess of 20 year perhaps it is time to allow it to pass into fresher hands.


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