Four Last Things

January 31, 2010

Using words like “brilliant” or “wonderful” to describe anything related to suicide feels rather inappropriate but the standard of writing in Lisa Tierney-Keogh’s new play deserves nothing less. Anyone can relate to the scenes of quiet desperation, tragic comedy and utter confusion that bleed from this play like snapshots of rural Irish life. Four Last Things concerns the last days of a suicidal youth on an isolated country farm and the impact her mood has on those around her, particularly her father and her dog. I’m not a fan of monologued theatre but it is the perfect format to showcase a pen as excavating as Tierney-Keogh’s. Four Last Things is heavy going and the sombre ending leaves you rooted to your seat, unsure as to what the appropriate reaction is. My advice is to applaud the arrival of a decent female voice in a literary scene whose female charges have so often been guilty of producing Charmin Ultra for the mind.


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