Wide Open Space’s

January 30, 2010

If Ardal O Hanlon and I should find ourselves down a dark alleyway one evening, only one of us will emerge. A few short licks with a car iron and the world of comedy and television will be a much safer place. Wide Open Spaces is a terrible film containing not one funny moment, barely a decent performance (Ewan Bremner you are absolved) and a soundtrack so irritating it can only have been shat out of the mind melt that is Neil Hannon.

The whole affair was thoroughly repellent, like being fisted by Freddie Krugger. Unpleasant and ineffective, Ardal and Ewen play Myles and Austin, two aimless dickheads whose utter idiocy leave them in the back arse of beyond building a famine theme park for Owen Roe’s crooked ‘entrepreneur’. Through a series of unlikely and unenjoyable plot twists they end up working as debt collectors giving writer Arthur Mathews the chance to wack off a few skin crawlingly trite Irish caricatures. Given that this is the man who wrote the excellent Pedophilia episode of Brass Eye and created Father Ted you have to wonder what kind of stroke or brain hemorrhage is responsible for this atrocity.


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