500 Days of Summer

January 30, 2010

We’re told from the get go that 500 Days of Summer is not your average romantic comedy. It isn’t. It’s so much more. Filled with the side glances, awkward moments and those little things you do to attract the one you love, it can be pensive, it can be cruel but best of all it is glorious.

Bewitching and thoroughly natural, without ever being mundane, one of the many things that sets it apart from the never ending shit that flows from Tinseltown’s bowels (like a bad dose of the cinematic runs) is Joseph Gordon Levitt.

As Tom, our lovelorn protagonist, he works for the same reasons most rom-com leads don’t. He’s not a natural comedian. Therefore when he is funny he is all the more so. More than Seth Rogan or Adam Sandler who are just mugging for their million dollar paychecks. The dramatic moments pack more oomph since they’re not just filling in the time between fart gags and vibrating panties.

The movies timeline, which isn’t chronological, baffles us in the same way Summer (Zooey Deshnal) baffles Tom. Even at the movies end she remains an enigma to us. And that’s the point. Having seen the movie from Tom’s point of view we are as perplexed as he when Summer doesn’t comply with it.

Love can sometimes be for now and not forever and it’s what you recall from that time that this movie uses as its premise.

With its cinematic flourishes and tender heart it’s some of the finest work our generation has done in the genre


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